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Let's get involvedwith stories.

Digital storytelling is the transformation of a Big Idea into an unforgettable message

As far our brain's concerned, a picture really is worth a thousand words. We bring together experience from across disciplines to help you connect with people. It’s our aim to make things that earn their spot in people’s lives. We design information and visual challenges, because the more of our brain we engage, the more likely we remember!

Sharpen your pencil.
It's time to dive in.

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    Els Vandenberghe

    Her stream of images suggests an eagerness and zest for life: fully living and experiencing. The result is an eclectic whole of often intriguing cinematic and poetic photos.

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    Lieven Vanhove

    A Visual Director - supported by a wealth of experience in professional post-production for television and the silver screen. Passionate in discovering new ways to create unique atmospheres and explore the unlimited technological possibilities of the medium.

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    Story scripting
    & Webdesign

    Dirk Vervaet

    Scripting somebody's story, and then index the story into an unlimited plethora of mediums today has to offer... is a magical workflow. It's a joy working collaboratively to bring our individual skills, knowledge and wits together.

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They are

It's a unique timeto show some talents.


curiosity creates solutionsplay is part of the day.

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